A place to unwind.


Neroli & Co believe your home is your sanctuary. You retreat to it, you sleep there, it’s a place for you to get some one on one time with yourself away from the world you know. You can spend hundreds of pounds going to spas around the country but nothing gives you a more personal experience than having a massage in the comfort of your home. We believe massage should not be looked at as a luxury, but as a standard part of your own wellness. A way to keep your mind and body healthy. Neroli & Co’s philosophy is bringing a mix of spa treatments, customer service and experienced therapists to you. We offer a range of massage services that can all be enjoyed when and where it is convenient to you.

Built by a Mother and Daughter team, both experienced massage therapists themselves, they wanted to create a company that allowed other therapists, to have a better working life balance, paying 4 x times the national average per hour. They wanted to create a wellness brand that brings more than just a massage service, they wanted to bring not only great customer service but ambience. Creating a scene in your own home that would be similar to if you went to a luxury spa yourself. Everything from the well experienced massage therapist, to the way the customer feels on the massage bed, the linens, the oils used and the choice of oils have all been carefully chosen to give you a great home spa experience.